Cânticos para JMF – “TRANSIT”

Começa a sessão “cânticos da JMF” (JMF, para quem não sabe, é a Jornada Mundial da Folga). Em negrito, as partes que são  para serem cantadas com louvor a _______.

Transit – by Colligere – 2001

You feel like everyone close to you wants to take something away,
to use and  then go away, as they suddenly appeared in your life.
And still in hope for  dreams that never come true,
you take your pieces from the ground and try  to  rebuild
yourself, but this dead skin isn’t you anymore.
Scars left  are  what you got now.
Get used to the idea of being a patchwork quilt.

Love  your wounds cause that’s all you have and all
you need to remember  and to  learn.

So many cries and so many nights wasted just asking “why?”,
but  now you’re better, perhaps healed and able to realize.

Llife is  what you do  of it and disgrace is just a circumstance.
You’re able to think  about it and  maybe smile
about something that hurt one day.

You learned  so much about  life and how it can be
deliciously dangerous and now the  senses ask
for  more and you know there are so many things to live.
Ready to talk about your  feelings, desperate
to feel alive again, cause  you’ve discovered that

love and pleasure are higher than deception anyway.

And if things are never  the way you wanted them to be,
at least it can  give you something to  remember
with a smile in your face.


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