Na chão!

O show abaixo é do Bane, banda de hardcore classuda da porra lá da Terra do Tio Sam. A questão é que tinha esquecido como é foda um concerto no chão, no meio do público. Já tive o prazer de participar ou tocar em gigs assim, não tanto quanto gostaria é verdade. E relembrei desse incrível sentimento de música e integração assistindo ao vídeo. Enjoy!

Por falar em Bane, segue mais abaixo uma letra de um último som deles: “wasted on the young”. Uma puta canção para uma pá de guris que se acham donos da verdade, cheios de opinião (formadas sobre tudo) e que cagam regras desde o berço.

Hey, I was just thinking that maybe you don’t need to waste
Some of the best days of your lives, trying so hard to abide
By some preset list of rules
Talking about conviction
When you haven’t even been convinced of anything yet
Just stressing about letting down all of your friends
It’s like having your mom pick out your clothes for you
You’re still too young to know where you stand on anything yet
And there is nothing wrong with that
It might be kinda fun to get to know yourself a little while
Take a left at every fork, stare into every cloud
On the journey to find what’s in your heart the only thing to be united
With is that pulsing in your veins
But seriously, fuck all that for awhile
What’s the point of being a kid
If you are not gonna run wild and break every stupid rule
Even the ones that make those bands seem cool
You might as well hang out in church

Mark my words
There’s still so much that you have yet to learn

Your strongest beliefs, the ones that will see you through
Will come to you when least expected
They can’t be forced, will not be shaped to fit
Truth does not come when called
And if you’re only young once and these days, they move so fast
Why would you waste one second of them
Falling in line, following rules
It sounds so simple but I know it’s fucking hard

It’s gonna take a little while to find out exactly who you are
But then maybe the day won’t come
When you have to turn your back
On all those things that you once stood for
Left behind like an old pile of shirts
I’ve seen it happen so many times before
Spit in the face of a sacred oath
That some of us took when ready


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