Dias 17 e 18 estarei lá!

Os caras confirmaram a tour no site oficial! Agora é torcer pra dar tudo certinho!

Social Distortion have announced the dates of their South American tour, set to take place in April 2010. The tour, which starts in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 17th and currently ends in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 22, will include all club shows such as Via Funchal (Sao Paulo), Curitiba Master Hall (Curitiba), Centro de Eventos Casa do Gaucho (Porto Alegre), and El Teatro Flores (Buenos Aires).

“The band and I are really looking forward to our tour of South America”, says Mike Ness, “From the overwhelming amount of emails we receive from our fans in South America, it’s crazy to think that it’s taken this long for us to come down and tour. We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that we’re finally making it happen and we look forward to meeting our loyal fans in Brazil and Argentina for the first time. We hope to come home with a few new fans as well!”

Social Distortion Tour Dates
Social Distortion Shows na América do Sul
Social Distortion sus shows en Sudamérica

17-April Sao Paulo, Via Funchal (Brazil)
18-April Curitiba, Curitiba Master Hall (Brazil)
20-April Porto Alegre, Centro de Eventos Casa do Gaucho (Brazil)
22-April Buenos Aires, El Teatro Flores (Argentina)

Mike Ness, gênio

Sometimes I’m rich and
Sometimes I’m poor, nothing
Really matters when you’re dead
On the floor


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