Rough Hands, Alex is On Fire

was I left behind?
Someone tell me, tell me I survived.
Don’t look so surprised that I’m home, but just for tonight.
With rough hands and sore eyes
so don’t speak, I am tired.
Let’s just live through this lie.

She says I swear too much,
she says a lot of things,
well I’d swear every other word if I could
for her I’ll make an attempt.
Sometimes love isn’t about how much someone suits you
but how much you’re willing to change to suit them.


One day my hands were too soft,
one day she said, “I’m tired”.
one day her clothes were on my floor,
one day, empty bottles.

Well I’m not saying she’s my last.
I’m just saying that she could have been,
it doesn’t matter how rough these hands get.
It doesn’t matter cause I’m not her man.

and my heart’s sealed with rust.
These hands will always be rough.
I know this won’t count for much.


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